Ahmad Abd-Elghany

A Self-Taught developer seeking opportunities where I can utilize my skills to add a value, make a difference, improve myself, increase my experience, and widen my knowledge base, while meeting new people. Also, i am a very enthusiastic about the domination of machines upon this world, so i am trying to Make 'Em succeed in this mission.

Github ahmgeek
Twitter @ahmgeek


Web Development
HTML, CSS, Rails, JavaScript
BackEnd development
Ruby, Go, C#, .NET, Linux



Software Engineer Aug 2016 - Present

Eventtus is an instant social network platform for events, Its main goal is mobilizing events and maximizing networking opportunities for attendees. By providing a single app for all the events, that will keep attendees informed with agenda, speakers and live announcements as well as increasing interactions and social buzz around events.

  • Working at one of the most successful startups in Egypt.
  • Maintaining the core app with a very passionate and talented team.
  • Working on almost 6 micro services written in NodeJs, Ruby and Go.
  • Introduced leveraging the use of TICK stack from influx-data.

Appenza Studio

Software Engineer Apr 2016 - Aug 2016

Appenza provide tailoring of leading edge custom application development, upgrades, enhancements and maintenance of existing applications across all platforms.

  • Working in a polyglot team to get whatever the job done.
  • Maintaining a world-class LMS (Auroralms.com), the back-end built with Rails while Angular painted the front-end.
  • Maintaining the Windows App which responsible for in-class connecting to the LMS APIs.

Drupia Technology Solutions

RoR Craftsman (contractor) Oct 2015 - Mar 2016

Software development house, focus on serving mainly the Gulf area and its financial market, through building a highly available, scalable and maintainable systems.

  • Working with the team to enhance the Main product of the company [http://marketsvoice.com].
  • Initating e-commerce solutions with rails Engines.
  • Building CMSs with Rails Engines.


RoR Craftsman (contractor) Apr 2015 - Nov 2015

Helping software houses deliver intelligent & beautiful experiences

  • Working with the UI/UX team to build a social network.
  • Building from the ground-up a social story telling platform.
  • Working with the client to consolidate ideas.


.NET developer Jul 2011 - Sep 2013

Building Applications with .NET stack that meets clients requirements.

  • Gathering clients requirements.
  • Design systems work flows.
  • Setting up data-stores, mostly SQLServer. -
  • Writing stored procedures by hand for more performance.


Manshar (OSS)

Web Developer, Core Contributor Dec 2014 - Present

Manshar is an Arabic publishing platform that focuses mainly on content, making it beautiful and easy to read without any distractions that has nothing to do with the content. In addition to Manshar’s mission of spreading the culture of blogging in Arabic and contributing to the Arabic content, Manshar also aims at gathering the best Arab developers around the project by making it open source and available for anybody interested to join, to spread the culture of collaborating and contributing amongst the developers community as well.

  • Focusing on tuning the performance of the platform.
  • Laying the foundation of the image infrastructure.
  • Writing and helping with the content.
  • Blogging about the process of building Manshar [https:[email protected]/medium-for-arab-682e5901cceb]


Misr Higher Institute

Sep 2010 - Oct 2014
Bachelor - Computer Science


Native speaker
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